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The Egyptian writing called hieroglyphics used pictures to represent different objects, actions, sound or ideas. It depends on which way the people or animals are facing.

Write like an Egyptian, see you name in hieroglyphs How do we know how to read hieroglyphics ? Hieroglyphics uses small pictures which represent the sound of the object or an idea associated with the object. You need to look closely at the hieroglyphs to find out.

But the style of representation in the hieroglyphs still remained closely bound to the art of the respective epoch.

Thus, there appeared taut, slender hieroglyphic forms or sensuous, fleshy ones or even completely bloated characters, according to the art style of the period.), hieroglyphic writing was used for inscribing stone monuments and appears in Egyptian relief techniques, both high relief and bas-relief; in painted form; on metal, sometimes in cast form and sometimes incised; and on wood.

Among these taboo symbols were human figures and dangerous animals, such as scorpions and snakes.

Second, in all periods and for all uses of the writing, symbols to which a positive religious significance was attached were regularly placed in front of other signs, even if they were to be read after them.

Only those who needed the knowledge in their professions acquired the arts of writing and reading.

These people were, for example, officials and priests (insofar as they had to be able to read rituals and other sacred texts), as well as craftsmen whose work included the making of inscriptions.

These inscriptions were, of course, only a decorative monumental writing, unsuitable for everyday purposes.

For popular use, hieratic script was developed, an abbreviated form of the picture symbols such as would naturally develop in writing with brush and ink on smooth surfaces such as papyrus, wood, and limestone.


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