Research Paper On Online Shopping

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Just as it is nearly impossible to find a dominant definition of OSE, its components have also been widely investigated.This paper contributes to service science research by proposing a unique belief-attitude-intention model of the drivers and outcomes of OSE on a relatively underexplored field. (2018), "Online shopping experience in an emerging e-retailing market", Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, Vol. In the USA, for instance, Forrester research predicted that online retail sales will hit 0bn by 2017, up from 1bn in 2013 (Lomas, 2013).The proposed conceptual model advances the stimulus-organism-response framework, theory of planned behavior, satisfaction theories and shopping behavior literature in several directions. In South Africa, 51 per cent of individuals with internet access shop online; in Kenya, 18-24 per cent individuals shop online (Internet Business Statistics, 2016).The dominant position in the literature is that experience is co-created.Thus, recent definitions of shopping experience are explicit about value and have gone further to perceive customers as participants in value creation and by implication experience co-creation (Bolton ., 2007).The study also indicates that shoppers seize other shoppers’ reviews as a suitable platform to engage in a wide range of behaviors.The main theoretical implications include the following: complaint handling is not only a behavioral construct but also a stimulator/driver of online shopping experience; consumer behavior is stimulated more by cognitive drivers; trust is an outcome of OSE which leads to not only electronic word of mouth but also external response to service failure; and shoppers perceive external response to service failure as the last resort and this last resort can be activated by regrets and poor internal response to service failure.In Nigeria, online shopping expenditure grew from N50 to N78bn between 20 (Phillips Consulting, 2014).With digital tools rapidly redefining the way value is created and delivered (Evans and Cothrel, 2014), the best way to exploit the burgeoning opportunities which online retailing offers is to enhance customer experience (Hoffman and Novak, 1996).., 2009) because current conceptualizations of the construct remain disjointed.Given the depth of customer experience research, definitions of OSE abound.


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