Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Supersize Me

Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Supersize Me-30
As is shown in the documentary, the weight of Spurlock before the experiment was 84 kg.

The film-maker cooperates with three doctors (a gastroenterologist, a cardiologist, and a general practitioner) who indicate the changes in his physical and psychological state (Sheehan, 2005, p.69).

However, the principal idea to which Spurlock constantly returns throughout his documentary is that Mc Donald’s fast food increases obesity in the United States (Sheehan, 2005, p.68).

The documentary “Super Size Me,” written and directed by Morgan Spurlock, took me by surprise in so many ways.

They say, “if you can’t find anyone else use yourself,” and that is exactly what Morgan did to make this documentary more relatable to his audience.

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We also have a number of samples, each written to a specific grade, to illustrate the work delivered by our academic services.Produced in response to the unsuccessful legal suits against Mc Donald’s fast food, the film brings to light Spurlock’s own experiment with eating fast food and, above all, addresses those Americans who are obsessed with unhealthy fast food.The film-maker conducted the experiment for a month, during which he ate food only from Mc Donald’s and observed the impact of fast food on his physical and emotional well-being.He soon develops chest pains, depression, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, acne, and gets heavy symptoms of toxic shock to his liver.All of the doctors suggest to him that he quit eating Mcdonalds before it causes permanent damage to his body. Sometimes you have to do things that may cause pain in order to see change.My favorite interview was with John Robbin the son of the late owner of Baskin Robins.It was interesting to hear and watch someone who grew up in the food industry talk about how bad it is for you, and later find out that he is a health advocate and author of a diet book.I liked that he interviewed people off the streets, because it gave his film some sort of comedy and it also gave his audience different perspectives.What I noticed in this documentary was that Morgan didn’t just have three main interviews, he interviewed as many people as he possibly could.Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.In 2004, the American film-maker Morgan Spurlock made a documentary film “Supersize Me”.


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