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Typically, you can figure out the audience’s priorities by reviewing the organization’s website.

Typically, you can figure out the audience’s priorities by reviewing the organization’s website.

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While “no essay” scholarships do exist, most of these are no more than sweepstakes, and some of them are incredibly sketchy.

If you want to know more about no-essay scholarships, check out this article: What You Need to Know About No Essay Scholarships Writing winning scholarship essays isn’t as challenging as it sounds, as long as your student knows the best approach.

Depending on the essay prompt, students can stress how this essay shows they are a great candidate for the scholarship. After writing the outline, review it to make sure that it adheres to every requirement in the instructions and that every component provides value to the reader.

Remember, winning scholarship essays always meet the requirements, so it’s wise to review this before the writing phase begins.

It allows them to organize their thoughts and identify ideas that excite them.

After your student brainstorms, they should focus on topics that ignite their passion.In many cases, scholarship essay topics give your student a lot of leeway regarding what they can write.In fact, they may be able to choose from multiple prompts, something that may make it harder to figure out what winning scholarship essays for this organization entail.With the outline in hand, your student now has a guide for writing a high-quality first draft of their scholarship essay.How they decide to approach this phase may depend on their personal style.With our students in The Scholarship System, we teach them mind-mapping for this step, a powerful tool to uncover creative essay ideas.Usually, brainstorming only takes a few minutes, but it can make a world of difference when writing winning scholarship essays.If they are excited about the idea, it’s often easier to write about it. Review the list of ideas and choose an option that peaks interest and fits the prompt.This makes writing winning scholarship essays feel like less of a burden, which can go a long way when your student wants to apply to a long list of scholarships.While you likely won’t know exactly who is going to review their essay, they can infer a lot of information based on the organization or business that is providing the funds.For example, if your student can discuss a topic that relates to a company’s products, services, values, or mission, it may be easier to connect with the reader on a meaningful level.


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