Short Essay Cultural Diversity

Short Essay Cultural Diversity-5
Now in India a girl and a boy are asked whether they agree to marry or not. Wedding in India is one of the brightest festivals in the country. Indian people usually add many spices and herbs, mix different food, cook meat and vegetarian dishes. Traditional dress for women is sari, and dhorti for men.Since Indian society has undergone huge changes, love marriage becomes a new system of marriage. One may clarify main features of divorce issue in essay about divorce. All the elements of ceremony depend on the preferences of groom and bride. The main elements of Indian dishes are wheat, rice, and chana. Earrings, bangles, and other jewelry are common among women.

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Although this is short essay on Indian culture, a person may find something new and interesting for him. Religion in India is a significant part of its culture.

One may be confused how people of different faiths may live in peace and harmony. Religious tolerance in India was established by custom and law.Some say that Christianity in India as old as Christianity itself. History asserts that Apostle Thomas instituted Christianity in the 1st century AD. To traditional cultural values in India belongs one special value different from others: touching feet of elders.According to the census of 2011, there are 27.8 million followers in India. Younger people and children show respect and honor to elders. It is a common gesture to touch feet of elders in India.Most people in India turn to nuclear family system. Joint family reminds people their traditions while nuclear family helps them to move forward. Young people may enjoy their youth and do not worry of relationships that come about. The way of cooking and taste of dishes make Indian cuisine different from other. Indian clothing style is different in every region. During festive occasions people put on traditional clothing.Even though the tradition of arranged marriage is old, the evolution of time has already corrected it. The way one dish is cooked depends on the region where it is made. Thus, people cover the body of a newborn child with langotas and loincloths.Every year in India one can attend numerous music festivals which speak about musical culture.If you are intersted in this theme, surely you would like to read about musical festivals around the world.It is incredible thing to observe such immense variety in culture within one country. India belongs to the most religiously diverse countries in the world. Four religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Buddhism were born in India.Indian cuisine, religion, and philosophy has a huge impact on the whole world. This huge country along with cultural diversity possesses geographical characteristics. Scarcely any country in the world may compete in its cultural mixture with India. In this country a person may found people of different faiths.Do not forget that you can easily make an order on our site.Whether one needs to check his mistakes or write, for example, essay on Indian culture and heritage.


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