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For one, you don't even know half the stuff they're saying. It's sure as hell better than Post-Colonial and 1890's Pioneer junk.\r\n\r\n[quote]My class is halfway through reading Macbeth and I have to say, it is incredibly boring.

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This leaves you with plenty of time to read a novel as well, even if you analyze both works.

But, on this note, I think you do have somewhat of a point.

It really isn't that thought provoking anymore, and really doesn't exemplify a literature style in any extraordinary way.

Shakespeare's plays, on the other hand, are written on timeless themes and are examples of some of the finest prose and poetry in the history of the written only learned one or 2 shakespear master pieces (Which i cant even remember what they were).

Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Cesar, and Hamlet all seem to be the most common starting points for Shakespeare, which I don't get.

\r\n\r\n About your novel comment: why can't your class do both?

Pathetic.\r\n\r\n Back the the topic: Yes, yes it should.

That's a bit like asking should we read the Iliad or the Odyssey? It cultures us and brings us a wider perspective on literature. Maybe your teacher isn't doing a good enough job of getting your class to really enjoy these plays.

King Lear is short, chop full of action, has an easier plot and fewer characters, and is much more fun to read.

Edward is my favorite "villain" out of every book I have ever read.


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