Should The Driving Age Be Raised To 18 Essay

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For instance, there was one patient story that presented issues pertinent to varicose veins.

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Records show that more teens are involved in these catastrophes (BBC 2007).

Although teens utilize their energy to meet the demands of their school and social activities, people in authority and other grown-ups have been concerned about the driving age, since every generation produces a more inflexible group of teenagers than before.

When you're 18, you're still not "adult enough" to drink, although you are old enough to smoke yourself to death.

I also believe that the drinking age should be raised to......Running Head: MANAGING THE MULTI-GENERATIONAL WORKFORCE The Challenges of 21 Century Leaders with Multi-Age Workforce Abstract The existence of different employees and employers from different age groups has with time brought about different challenges as well as benefits to any given work place.

She thinks she is “in the middle of nowhere” without her license (BBC 2007).

Teen driving or underage driving can be a threat to other passengers of the vehicle also.

The Driving Age Should Be Raised As to whether the driving age should be raised or not is a question yet to be answered, it is a sensitive subject and the views vary from one person to the other.

There has been a rise in number of teenage deaths and casualties that are motor related and therefore it is of great importance that this issue is tackled and dealt with as fast as possible so that we can curb this problem.

There was a keen response from the media and general public.

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