Sketchbook Assignment

Please see your class schedule below and listen to class announcements for which drawings to do and when they are due.

The finished book will be due the week of Finals, however please bring the book to class each day as I will review each student’s progress in class periodically.

The sketchbook will be used for drawings completed outside of class and for your artist research assignment.

This is an ongoing project, which you are responsible to work on throughout the semester.

A good way to learn a language is to study those who have mastered the vocabulary and have a command of the tools needed to express his or her ideas.

Sketchbook Assignment

To help you do this you need to look up the work of the following artists throughout the semester: List of Historic Artists: Albrecht Durer Michelangelo Leonardo Da Vinci Matthias Grunwald Peter Paul Rubens Rembrandt van Rijn William Blake Francisco Goya Dominique Ingres Honore Daumier Edgar Degas Vincent Van Gogh Henri Matisse Katsushika Hokusai Henry Ossawa Tanner Egon Schiele Pablo Picasso Kathe Kollwitz Henry Moore Alberto Giacometti Edward Hopper Alice Neel Keith Haring Willem De Kooning Eva Hesse Ernst Haeckel Jacob Lawrence Lee Bontecou Richard Long Adolf Wolfli List of Contemporary Artists: Jim Dine Lucien Freud Ellen Gallagher Susan Coe David Hockney Shahzia Sikander Julie Mehretu Kara Walker Matthew Ritchie Paul Noble Amy Cutler William Kentridge Kiki Smith Chris Ware Ernesto Caivano Marcel Dzama Trenton Doyle Hancock Julie Mehretu Gabriel Orozco Cai Guo-Qiang Vija Celmins Chuck Close Louise Bourgeois Your pick Most weeks of the semester (see class schedule below for which weeks) you will look at a variety of work from five of the artists listed above.This meant that there was no sequence to the drawings and that repeated images, for example prints from my original drawings, were to be found in different parts of the book.Over time it became clear to me that one of my particular interests was figures round the kitchen table.I have a few new products in my shop you may be interested in. Learn all about Inchies, Twinchies, Thrinchies, Artist Trading Cards and Artist Trading Coins in the Miniature Artwork Package! A Sketchbook on the Theme of the Everyday – My Kitchen As I don’t like carrying heavy books around I decided that I would make a squarish sketchbook of roughly A3 size and work on the four sides of folded paper which I would then bind together when I had enough drawings.In other words, the designer makes part of the work stand out, in order to draw the viewer’s eye there first.Choose an object to draw (either from real life or from a photograph).Sketchbook – Please purchase a blank bound drawing book at least 8 ½ by 11 inches.This is an ongoing project which will continue throughout the semester.Here is a short list of all the drawings that need to be in the sketchbook by the end of the semester: Cross contour line drawing from class Contour Line Homework Drawings: Chair, Stack of books, organic shape, shoe Value scale exercises from in class and homework (pencil and cross-hatching w/pen) Additional Value Homework Drawings: egg, crumpled paper, 5 observational value drawings of your choice Portrait sketches: Studies of facial features (eye, nose, mouth, and hair) – 2 each = 8 total Download Powerpoint with sketchbook examples 2) Research Assignment Drawing is a language.Like any language it has unique ways of expressing ideas.


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