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That troubleshooter runs a short suite of tests to fix many common network-related problems.If that troubleshooter doesn't solve the issue, you can go for a more drastic solution.

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Is there a wireless connection between the computer and router? In my case if I hover the mouse over the icon a pop-up tells me the status.

As you can see below the signal strength is low, but I am connected, and to the correct network. Note: the network name is important as you may have connected to a neighbours network by mistake. Check that you have a valid IP address by opening a command prompt, and using ipconfig/all command.

Note: I use a windows computer but the process is the same on Linux and Mac The first step is to have a clear idea of how the Laptop computer connects to the Internet under normal circumstances.

You may find sketching out a simple diagram helps In my network my laptop computer connects to the wireless Router via wireless (secured) and the router connects to the telephone line and the ISP via a broadband filter.

The computer gets an IP address, and a DNS server Address from the router.

Here is a quick network diagram of the arrangement: First Checks: Step 1.

If it still doesn’t work then it is either a prolonged outage problem with the local ISP so I call the provider or it is a problem with the router.

You can eliminate the router by changing it with another working one (if you have one).

Note: You have a home network like the one shown above. If you have other wireless devices connected and they are working OK then it is most likely a problem with the configuration on the smart phone.

You have several devices connected to this home network. Q1– You are connected to a you try to connect to get a website not found error message in the browser. You have laptop that is connected to the home network using an Ethernet cable and it is able to connect to the Internet. If other wireless devices are also having problems then suspect the wireless router.


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