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She then proceeds to call someone on her cell and tell them to grab the grey luggage and whispering like I couldn’t here her.Helping me put it overhead because it was too heavy. I was able to move seat because the plan wasn't full and I really enjoyed have my own row. Boarding was chaotic, the plane had technical problems, 1 hour waiting inside the cabin. Sun Country literally did not care and offered me a refund for their late flight - that’s it. » Heathrow Airport is London’s main air transport gateway and Europe’s busiest International airport.

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Thought I would save some money by choosing a smaller airline. By the time we retrieve our luggage, time spent and gas will make it more expensive than if we would have flown Delta. I live 1.5 hours from Portland and the airlines is making me come back to get my bag. My flight got cancelled 2 hours prior to departure and we waited for answers 8 hours at the airport. Absolutely terrible experience all around (flight staff were great actually).

We have filed a report with the airport police department and will make so much noise they wish they hadn’t taken anything. I can't actually review the flight because I never flew the flight.

This caused problems for airlines in the boarding area and aboard the plane.

The abundance of travelers carrying large luggage into the cabin often leads to departure delays.

They finally checked us into a hotel at 2.30 am the following day. Their hidden fees with baggage and their complete lack of transparency with delays prompted me to write my first airline review ever.

Worst customer service ever, never fly Sun Country. I’m stranded Chicago O'Hare at 4pm, with no representative and a lost bag. By far the worst flight experience ever and now with loss of personal belongings to boot. It's been awhile since I have flown and I remember Sun Country actually caring about their customers.

I’m aware these tickets are cheaper so I don’t know why I expected any decency. Staff was friendly and provided good service both directions. We had a flight scheduled from and got delayed to at least 11 AM.

But it was literally the worst experience of my life. Sun Country was very accommodating with my luggage that should have been checked. They charge for hand luggage, to assign a seat. It was for a job interview and now the employer is backing away.

If a customer waits until arriving at the airport to select this option, the price increases to . The third option, "the grab & go" bundle, is for the budget traveler.

Passengers who prefer to check their bags will be charged a more modest for flights within the U. This passenger is allowed one personal item, like a purse or small backpack, which must fit beneath the seat.


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