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K generating income worth millions (Charity Commission, 2013).

The organization attracts funds through a host of events that it periodically conducts.

In spite of charity being necessary and beneficial, it has to be focused on alleviating the poverty levels among the needy and helping them to be independent of funds from well-wishers. This gap between government remedies and social ills has long been a concern of organizational theorists in who examine corporate social responsibility, as well as humanitarians who work towards social change through......

Charity that lacks strategies to ensure that the poor are not entirely dependent on it eventually brings more harm than benefits. A Visit of Charity Introduction In a technology existing globe, most individuals are in support of the computing electronic letters (Welty 1).

Options abound for gifts and greetings alike: both Doctors Without Borders and The Conservation Fund let donors send e-cards along with contributions.

Animal lovers can donate by shopping World Wildlife Fund's gift center, and coffee addicts (or students stockpiling beans for spring finals week) can support top-rated medical assistance charity MAP International or a host of other groups by giving this fair-trade blend. Not all websites are legitimate--just see the scores of bogus disaster relief websites that popped up after Hurricane Katrina, bent on stealing donors' identities.

So why wouldn't you research a charity before donating your hard-earned money this holiday season?

You even look up that cute History 101 classmate on Facebook before making your move.

The Charity Commission has been duly created to carry out the provisions of the mentioned laws and to ensure that none of the provisions will be violated and that the organisations' goal to serve the public will be upheld.

These laws will be the main reference for the cited scenario wherein there is a need to clarify the legal position of a trustee in a charitable organisation.


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