The Hunger S Essay Summary

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They perceive the rest of the society as inferior, and they can ridicule, tame and control them at will.

The film is without doubt a clear depiction of the modern society, and how it will be in the future.

It is a dark future, where the poor people suffer under the wrath of the elites and the wealthy in the society.

The rich, on the other hand, enjoy watching the matches from their television sets indicating that they do not notice the suffering the poor go through in their daily lives.

Moreover, the current day politicians incite the poor people to fight each other for their own selfish gains at an extremely small pay.

Gale, who is her childhood’s best friend, is a fellow hunter, a strong, silent kind, with the tendency of criticizing the government.

Peeta Mellark, who is a fellow contestant at the game, is a smart guy, whose only aim is to win the game to keep Katniss alive.This is a typical characteristic of the modern world, where politicians and the wealthy people in the society amass lots of wealth while the poor continue to suffer under the rein of such people.Economic inequality is a subject of discussion in every country in today’s world.This film depicts the society that the wealthy elites are trying to set up as the new world order.In this essay, we will analyze the features of the world portrayed in the movie,, and analyze how they relate to the intentions of establishing a new world order.portrays a gloomy visualization of the future, with the release imagined only using human resources, such as generosity, will and wit.The movie takes place in the dystopian future where the wretched and poor majorities live under the high tech oppression of minority wealthy elites.The film is in the nation of Panem, a country that rose from the ruins of North America.The country has 12 districts with the main city with the name of Capitol housing the rich section of the society.This is the kind of life elites want to establish, where the regular states would merge and form a single world government with a single central power.An example of this is Canada and the United States, which have merged to form a single country, step likely to be followed by many regions.


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