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The extrinsic motivation is motivation which is engaged in an activity as a means to an end.Individuals who have extrinsic motivation work on tasks because they believe that participant will result in desirable outcomes such as a reward, teacher praise, or avoidance of punishment (Pintrich & Schunk, 1996).

The extrinsic motivation is motivation which is engaged in an activity as a means to an end.

The research on leaning motivation mow has become a hot issue in the area of foreign language teaching.Specifically, for language learning motivation can be understood as learners’ orientation with regard to the goal of learning a second language.As Wilkins (1972) points out that "motivation is a term which occurs in discussion of the second rather than the first language learning".Lightbrown and Spada (1993) define motivation in SLA as "a complex phenomenon which can be defined in term of two factors: learners’ communicative needs and their attitude towards the second language community".They assert that learners will be motivated to acquire understanding in community when they recognize the need to speak the second language in order to communicate or to fulfil professional ambitions.According to Wong (2003), teachers’ personality, behaviour and teaching methods would impact on students’ learning process strongly.If the students are not motivated well, it would be a challenging task for the teacher.The traditional ways for learning a second language usually involve some systematic approach to the detailed study of grammar and memorization of vocabulary. According to Krashen’s Input Hypothesis, the teacher should provide students with optimal input, which is authentic, interesting and relevant.Because to some extent, we can say the quality and amount of input determines the success or failure in SLA.There are three elements such as: integrative motivation, self-confidence, and the appraisal of the teaching environment to conceptualise a general framework of L2 motivation (Dörnyei, 2001).This paper focuses on the discussion of factors that affect language learning in the context of China and comes to a conclusion that motivation is the most important factor in language learning.


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