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You set styles for specific classes and id’s in your Word Press theme’s file (every wordpress theme has one). So if an object is classified as “red_button”, we would refer to it in as “.red_button ”.

If an object was given the id “white_box”, we would refer to it as “#white_box ”. If an element is contained by another element, we can specify styles for the child element that will only affect it when it is contained by the parent element.

This course is an overview of CSS styling for EPUBs.

Tony Harmer begins with the basics: what CSS is, how to write rules, and which selectors to use to target the individual elements of an EPUB.

In a nutshell HTML is “what you see”, and CSS is “how you see it.” You can use the standard Thesis design options to create a professional looking blog in perhaps 15 minutes if you’ve got the design sense to do so.

However, to make your design really stand out, you’ll need to go above and beyond the scope of the default Thesis controls and dive into some of this Luckily, Thesis makes it easy (notice a developing trend? Thesis comes with a built in editor for your file and your custom_file.

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A simple table of contents will—in order, naturally—simply provide the name of the section and a brief summary of what it is and does, for example: /** * CONTENTS * * SETTINGS * Global...............

With HTML as the underpinning of every EPUB, CSS is the best and most flexible way to visually present your ebook exactly as you want.


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