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This turns a woman into a media object, or even a product, that can be assessed and then either approved or rejected; due to the popularity of beauty contests, such an attitude is being widely propagated.Health problems among the younger generation is yet another negative effect caused by beauty contests.

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However, the idea of beauty contests implies evaluating women solely on their physical shape, ignoring all other aspects of individuality.

Interviewing, meant to show a contestants personality, is a fraud; as one of the former pageants wrote, none of the judges wanted to hear about deep problems, asking about the most challenging childhood experiences (Generation Progress).

Dave Berry's statement for Beauty and the Beast essay states clearly "If you are a man, at some point a woman is going to ask you how she looks".

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This statement can be found at the beginning of his essay.

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So make a poffin out of a Wiki berry and that will raise it's beauty. A woman who owns a sandwhich shop in a suburb of Cleveland, my friend's mom, actually, gave Berry some money to enter a beauty contest, where she won and then advanced to several other more notable beauty pageants, including Miss Ohio. Berry wrote a letter to my friend's mother, thanking her for giving her the running start she needed, and she's kept the letter in her…

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