Tsunami Research Paper

Through its argumentative flow, the paper will argue the fact that tsunamis are caused by forces outside of human power and only nature is responsible for their occurrence and causes.

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When the ocean floor is cut, the plate boundary rises and falls swiftly and will definitely displace the water above it, thus instigating rolling waves that become a tsunami.

Close to 80% of tsunamis occur within the Pacific Ocean (Yan Fang and Yusof 23).

In situations when the slope of the coast is not deep, the ocean water may pull back for hundreds of miles.

The majority of people who may not be aware of danger have a tendency to remain at the shore during this occurrence and may expose themselves to deadly risks.

This recoiling of seawater is a significant warning sign of a tsunami since the crest of the wave and its massive capacity of water normally hit the shore in 7 minutes or so.

Kusky (34) advises that by just recognizing this phenomenon human lives can be saved in the process.Meteorite impacts have also the potential to contribute to the occurrence of tsunamis in some instances.During tsunami occurrence, water can recede from the seacoast half of the wave period before waves get to the coast.According to Bryant (96), tsunamis travel at a lightning speed of 50 miles (approximately 805 km/hour).At this pace, Bryant notes that they have the potential to cross the entire stretch of the Pacific Ocean within 24 hours or less (Bryant 97-98).A tsunami is a succession of fast-moving waves inside the ocean caused by strong volcanic eruptions or earthquakes.It normally has a long wavelength that could travel as long as hundreds of kilometers.Thereafter, it may rise over 100 feet tall and cover the surrounding habitats (Yan Fang and Yusof 21).Before hitting, a tsunami can leave behind a massive vacuum effect.A tsunami is feared by a countless population of people and has been all along christened as ‘monster’.It has the characteristic of cutting across the sea with an enormous speed, whereupon reaching the land, it removes the majority of water from the harbor.


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