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We now know that losing Ellie was the cause of his loneliness, and his grumpy demeanor is the effect.

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The movie opens with a montage of his life with his true love Ellie.

It begins when they are young and first get married, showing all of the trials and tribulations that keep them from going on the adventure they always dreamed of: At the end of the montage, we are sad to learn that Ellie died before they ever got to go on their great adventure together.

When events are shared out of order and without a context for time, it is very difficult to see their significance, or to even understand what happened.

For instance, imagine you are telling a story about a nerdy, not very athletic boy who becomes the star player on his school’s baseball team.

If we didn’t get this timeline, it would be hard to see why Carl is the way he is, or to know why he wants to head to Paradise Falls with his house full of memories.

The film “begins” at the end and works its way backwards through the events that led to his situation.It’s used to give the audience insight about characters or other relevant details in a story without having to disrupt the normal flow of events in chronological order.A flash-forward is just like a flashback, but going forward—the story temporarily jumps to a specific moment in the future.The telling of a story from the end to the beginning, sharing events in the reverse order from which they occurred in time. not in line) telling of a story as a series of separate events told out of chronological order The importance of chronology across all aspects of life is immeasurable, and literature is no different!How else would we readers ever know how and when things happened, and how could we understand a story’s chain of cause and effect?The clearest and simplest way to show chronology is with a timeline.For instance, a chronology of your day would start when you wake up, and end when you go to bed.The diary starts at the beginning of the school year, and Greg makes an entry every day.Here are a few lines from a couple of different diary entries: I guess Mom was pretty proud of herself for making me write in that journal last year, because now she went out and bought me another one. It is a timeline of everything that happens to him day by day, and he tells us about past events, too.Perhaps cause and effect can be broken down a little further (in regards to storylines) – for example chronology shows us the reasons behind character motives, circumstances, or helps us understand a setting (historical, present, or futuristic) and the actions or events that are relevant.Also, perhaps we can see an example where the story line is out of order and therefore confusing (until the chronology is revealed that is)?


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