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Having a third letter that simply restates the other letters won’t add anything to your application.

You might consider letting your recommenders know that you have been waitlisted and are going to ask for another recommendation, but would first appreciate some insight into the topics they discussed in the letters they wrote for you.

If you’re lucky, one of your recommenders might take some initiative and write a follow-up to the law school on your behalf.

This is a real bonus, because a major component of how admissions officers assess letters of recommendation is how much time and effort your busy recommenders spent advocating for you.

At the bottom of your letter, you can mention that you’ve included additional materials that may be of help in assessing your application. Send in Additional Recommendations Recommendations are crucial.

Students constantly underestimate how important recommendations are to their chances of being admitted.If you are one of the lucky few taken off of the waitlist, admissions officers want to know that you won’t just end up at one of these other schools. Simply, straightforwardly, and in a letter of continued interest.Send the letter shortly after you have been waitlisted. Why can’t you get the same things from another law school?Good examples of supplemental essays or materials include update letters detailing any recent achievements or awards that you have received that may be relevant for the admissions office.For example, if you just had a paper published, or recently received an award for your academic work – you should feel free to let the admissions office know.If you have trouble identifying your weaknesses, consider asking a current law student – if possible one from your target law school – to look over your application.Second, try your best to figure out what your other recommenders have said about you.You might even want to note an upward trend in grades or other, less visible accomplishments. However, here’s a good rule to follow: if the information you are sending is something which you deliberately or consciously omitted when you originally sent the application, then you should not send it now.You are probably asking yourself, “How do I know what to send? For example, awards that you received years ago, or activities that you have participated in for years, but did not include on your application.Recently, we interviewed Jean Webb, the former director of admissions at Yale Law School.In her interview, Jean explained how much weight admissions offices place on recommendations.


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