What Are The Main Causes Of Stress Essay

It happens sometimes that stress disturbs our life greatly.

Stress is not only some unpleasant situation that makes us feel inconvenient, stress can even cause harm our health.

Stress affects immune system and causes many diseases (cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and other kinds of diseases).

That is why we should resist stress state and give us positive life orientation.

Here are some common causes of stress in the workplace: • When a company fails to inform employees about changes in their business, this can cause tension and uncertainty. The constant fear of losing a job can be very stressful which is why a healthy employee and employer relationship is very important in any workplace setting.

• Constant mental stress caused by information overload affects the body in a negative way.

Personal self-esteem of a person also belongs here. It is obvious that it is much easier to fight the causes of stress than its consequences.

People say that all the diseases appear because of nerves.

However, there are challenges that can also have negative effects.

The normal reaction to stress is tension, anxiety and excitement and work-life goes back to normal after a while.


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