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However, there are some physicians who do not (specialists comprise the largest percentage of those that do not).

However, there are some physicians who do not (specialists comprise the largest percentage of those that do not).

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Even when doctors do charge excess charges, many of the standardized Medigap plans cover these Part B Excess charges, including Plans F and G.

Plan N is the most common plan among the plans that do not cover Part B excess charges.

Physicians (or any other healthcare providers or facilities) who accept assignment agree to take Medicare’s payment for services.

They cannot bill a Medicare beneficiary in excess of the Medicare allowance, which is the copayment or coinsurance.

What is a SELECT plan and how does it differ from a regular Medigap plan?

SELECT plans provide the same coverage as traditional Medigap plans; however, they have a network that you must stay within to receive those benefits.Part B Excess charges occur when a doctor overcharges Medicare more than the Medicare-approved amount.Doctors who accept “assignment” have agreed to accept the Medicare-approved amount as full payment for services rendered.Most providers DO accept Medicare assignment (some estimates show that around 95-96% of doctors do accept assignment nationally).This means they accept the terms and conditions (and amounts) on the Medicare payment schedule.Doctors who do not accept “assignment” may overcharge the Medicare rate for a particular service by a maximum of 15%. Medicare pays the doctor 5 and Susan pays the doctor .This is called an “excess charge.” Susan goes to a doctor that does not accept “Medicare assignment.” The doctor performs a test. Doctors who do not accept assignment receive 95% of the Medicare fee and can add 15% to that. Additionally, when dealing with a doctor that does not accept Medicare assignment the patient (Susan) may be responsible for paying the doctor the entire amount and then filing a claim with Medicare herself. If Susan has a supplement plan that does not cover excess charges such as Plan N, she would be responsible for the “excess charge” of .In this case, Susan could be responsible for the excess charge. Excess charges can be easily avoided altogether by simply asking your doctor if he or she accepts “Medicare Assignment.” If they do, they cannot overcharge the Medicare-approved amount.In addition, Plans F and G covers excess charges at 100%.Inevitably, what has happened is the person is on a Medicare Advantage plan that they are mistakenly calling a Medicare Supplement.The Advantage plans all have networks and are typically PPOs or HMOs.


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