What Makes A Good Citizen Essay

It’s nice to open the door for someone or help your family with something.You should stay at school after the bell rings so that you can help clean up the room.

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I would also be a good citizen in the community by picking up trash when I see some and recycling often.

I would plant plants to help mother earth, conserve earth/water, help homeless animals find homes, and anything to help our community/mother earth. ” a friendly person said while giving you their fresh from the oven cookies.

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That means showing respect, having a good attitude or just helping out. Don’t just throw your trash in the street, find a trash can and use it.

To be responsible at home, you can help your parents, be good with your brothers and sisters, do your chores without complaining, and try not to get in trouble.

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Tyler Di Blasio Grade 6Being a good citizen is important when you are in school, in the community or at home.

I could help clean up supplies and help clean up the classroom after school.

At home, I could be a good citizen by helping my mom around the house.

In the community, you can pick up trash that you find in the street and sidewalk, and respect privacy and property.

Sophia Sanfelippo Grade 6I would be a good citizen in the classroom by following directions, listening, and helping others out.


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