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I tend to prefer brief opening paragraphs that plunge me right into a student’s experience.Let’s look at how this Stanford student begins her article: “I jogged into the Stanford Cancer Clinic with my boyfriend, the youngest people there by two decades.

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It’s really challenging to learn how to convey such shifts in a tactful way.

Noticing how other talented writers describe them is a great way to learn. The most compelling college application essays break the traditional rules of academic essays–especially in terms of the introduction and conclusion.

You don't know what topics to cover, what questions you should answer in your paper and how to structure it in a proper way.

Furthermore, you dream of studying a definite educative program and have not the slightest idea how to make the admissions committee accept you. Nevertheless, you aren’t alone; hundreds of students feel the same.

They wish to read about the achievements, experience, and skills.

Their key mission is to deal with talented students able to bolster the reputation of their higher educational establishment.

Explore how this revelation changes the way she lives and thinks about her life and the nature of knowledge.

COMMON PROBLEM IN COLLEGE APPLICATION ESSAYS: A lot of students focus almost exclusively on the experience and don’t devote enough attention to the implications–to the way the experience has influenced their lives.

I encourage you to read a great essay I came across while reading the.

She focuses on discovering the implications of learning she carries the “BRCA1 mutation, which gives you a 98 percent chance of developing cancer.” Great college application essays often have a very specific focus and narrow scope.


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