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If you need a reminder of the general MLA format, refer to "Essentials of the MLA Format." If a source doesn't provide one of these fields, skip it and continue to the next field.

Article from a Typical Reference Book Dinwiddie, Gniesha Y.

When you cite reprints, you must provide information about the original source and the reprint source.

"Trends in College Binge Drinking during a Period of Increased Prevention Efforts." Journal of American College Health 50.5 (Mar. For example, a book in the Opposing Viewpoints Series may contain information that was originally published as a newspaper article, web page, and a speech transcript.

Indent 5 spaces for second and subsequent lines of the same entry.

Keep typing until you run out of room at the end of the line.

Reprint sources gather information from other sources and reprint the information as a collection.

"Existentialism and Literature in Action." The University of Buffalo Studies 18.4 (1948): 157-86.

If the reprint article title has not been changed from the original source, begin with the original and end with the reprint.

The format depends on if the reprint changed the original title or not.


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