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In the paranthetical citation, you will put the author's last name followed by the publication year, comma, page number. In the examples below, we show how to cite a source in a Reference List. "Author-Date" uses in-text parenthetical citations plus a Reference List, and is more typically used in the social sciences.

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These are the findings in a new dissertation in Labour Law from Stockholm University.

International Financial Institutions give member states financial support for development in the form of loans.

Closely linked to this controversy is a second dispute about the by which the causal factor impacts on a country’s industrialisation.

Specifically, some researchers emphasise macroeconomic policy as the mechanism (Lal, 1983; Stern, 1990) while others cite trade and industry policy (Amsden, 1989; Wade, 1990)., Auty, R. ‘Industrial policy reform in six large newly industrialising countries’ (Vol 22, No.1, pp.

If citing images or art that stand alone: Buonarroti, Michelangelo.

If citing images found in published works or online collections, cite them similarly to book chapters, articles, or web pages within website, with the artist in the author position and the image title in the chapter title, article title, or webpage title position.

(N) Firstname Lastname, "Page Title," Website Title, accesssed date, URL.

Lastname, "Title of Article," 21, no.1 (2012): 1-10. Firstname Lastname, "Title" (source type, location, year), page numbers, link if available. "Title." source type, location, year, link if available. John Smith, "Apple of the Eye" (Senior thesis, Carleton College, 2016), 17-23. "Apple of the Eye." Senior thesis, Carleton College, 2016.

“Their functional immunity should not be absolute; if an IFI influences a recipient state to violate its human rights obligations, it should be possible to hold it accountable”, says Mpoki Mwakagali.

Finally, the dissertation discusses how IFI’s can play an enhanced role in the promotion and implementation of freedom of association and collective bargaining.


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