Worm Farm Business Plan

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This is something I’ll likely talk about in another post at some point since it definitely should be covered in more detail than I can provide here.

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I had to answer this one on the blog since this is a topic a lot of people want to learn about, and something I haven’t really talked about all that much.

As a few of my readers know, I was actually hired to co-author a worm farming manual last year (along with a newsletter – something I’ll be doing again this year).

To everyone looking to start a vermi-business, good luck. Hey, maybe I will buy a pound or two of worms from ya. Hi Kami, You are right, starting a worm business IS definitely a gamble (although the same can be said for starting any business really).

I think the next best thing (in terms of buisness) will be new products helping home composters to care for their worms and to harvest the castings. There seem to be two main schools of thought when it comes to improving your chances of success with a worm business. I lost some worms, but still have many strong, happy worms.

Any suggestions you have would be great Hi Susan, Thanks for the question!

As mentioned above, this is definitely something a lot of people want to learn about.One of the mistakes a lot of people seem to make is assuming that if they have lots and lots of worms and/or castings the world will suddenly beat a path to their doors to buy them. Some of you may wonder about ‘turn-key’ and ‘contract’ opportunities.In all honesty, I don’t recommend taking that approach in most cases.This isn’t too surprising really – once you witness the beauty (and power) of a thriving worm bin, it is only natural to start thinking about expansion.I’m certainly not going to get into all the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of starting your own worm farming business, but let’s see if I can at least provide you with reasonable overview, including some of the key pieces of advice I would give anyone thinking of heading that route.Bentley, think you are correct when you suggest that people start with a side business.It is very possible that one small problem could result in terrible financial loss.Set up the legal aspects of your worm farm business.This they include setting up a limited liability company or a corporation.😆 I realize that sounds like a lazy answer, but let me explain…It really depends on the amount of work YOU are willing to put into it, and the expectations you have.


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