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Aunt Millicent clearly thinks that Wendy will believe that possessing woman-like qualities will make her want to act more grown up and that possessing a hidden kiss that belongs to someone else will begin Wendys search for a respectable husband.

She addresses the problems of Wendys need for adventure and desire to become a novelist, neither of which will do for a young lady in high society.

The story, however, is not told using rhyming endings or any kind of rhythm in the sentence structure, which is less typical case prototype, even though plenty of childrens literature does not utilize rhythm or rhyme.

The assumption that children like books about fantasy is supported in that the main characters are animals that have the characteristics of humansthey are hippopotamuses walking around on two feet, wearing clothes, and talking to each other.

This movie also expresses distaste for interpellation in the sense that it expresses the acceptance of things not of the norm.

It basically says that you do not have to settle for the town football hero, just because you are the cheerleader.

Her personality is one of strength, open-mindedness, and abundant love.

Throughout her story, Belle is faced with opposition and obstacles that push her to define and think about who she is.

By watching the whole first half of the film, one might believe that Wendy has not been As a little girl, I pretended I was Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I danced around to the songs, and I would have loved a castle filled with enchanted creatures, or a library filled with books up to the ceiling.

Years later, after watching the same story unfold, I can honestly say that Belle could be a role model for me in the way she lived her life.


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